Sunday, 4 November 2012

The one that started it all

Last summer, my mum got the idea of offering me the Rowenta Naturalis machine for my birthday..
"what is the Rowenta Naturalis" you may say.... I have actually heard it is not yet available in all countries.
This brilliant little machine enables you to make your own cosmetics at home in a very very easy way! (no need to have a big mess with a thousand pots and whisks everywhere! It enables you to make your products using the "one pot" technique)
By giving me this awesome gift, my mum had no idea that I would start a crazy journey with homemade cosmetics. 
I searched for blogs, shops, recipes, and even started creating my owns thanks to inspiration coming from everywhere!
With this little machine, I can make anything from lipbalms to face creams, scrubs, masks, shampoos etc...
You can find more information here

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