Sunday, 4 November 2012

A productive sunday afternoon

What a productive day! 
I am usually lazy on sundays... hehe not today!! Went to buy a nice Aloe Vera plant (I just love it!!! It will have a whole dedicated post later), and... I have been making cosmetics! I love it when I come up with a whole bunch of stuff!

I have made a few things, mainly for my mum as I am now her official cosmetics provider (and since she ran out of products)
She wanted a cream that removes stains on the skin. I have made a night cream full of good stuff for her, it is anti wrinkle, anti stain and moisturising! Since I am real big on Aloe Vera at the moment, I have also made a daily moisturising face gel and an eye serum. I will see her next Friday and I can't wait for her to see all these little things :)
My mum is very very girly, she just LOVES glitters and shiny stuff so I have inspired myself from a recipe found on Magic Gigi's blog and made her an awesome shiny body gel (smells delicious too).

More about that later, I am now off to enjoy the last moments of this sunday evening (I hate sunday evenings.... means monday is coming)

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