Sunday, 4 November 2012

"The Bro" stands by you to fight sebum and acne

I initially tried to create a face moisturising cream for my teenage brothers but it turns out they really cannot be bothered putting some moisturising cream on.... Oh well, one day they will realise what they have been missing!
In the end, my boyfriend adopted "The Bro" and uses it every day as a daily moisturiser :) I also happen to use it as I find it awesome to keep my makeup on my face all day long!

The texture is very light, not oily at all and thanks to Witch hazel and tea tree oil, the sebum is not showing up :)

My boyfriend came up with the name "the bro" to initially make it more attractive to my brothers... did not work but we decided to keep that name... seriously, this thing is like a good buddy that gently takes care of your face :)

Using the one pot emulsion technique in my machine, I launch the hot emulsion program with the following ingredients:

  • 55 ml of Spring water (it is best not to use water from the tap)
  • 5ml of Hamamelis water (whitch hazel) (Anti oxidant and astringent)
  • 10 ml of Rice Bran oil (amazing to fight external evil things such as pollution, Uvs, etc...)
  • 1 TAD of Glycerin
  • 2 TAD of Emulsifier

Once done, I proceed to the additives and select the cold emulsion program :

  • 2 DASH of Xantham Gum 
  • 12 drops of Benzyl alcohol (preservative)
  • 5 drops of Tea Tree Essential oil
  • 5 drops of AHA additive

Once the mixture is done, I pour it into a sterilised container and I am done :)
This can keep for about 4-5 weeks

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